Welcome to ODDball.

I am Neha Mantry. I have completed my MBA. I am also an artist by profession.

I am an amateur writer. But I am a curious soul. I have so many questions to ask for everyone. I am just not satisfied by how people just think and think of change but they never do anything to bring the change.

They don’t like something and they are ready to live with it than to try and change it.

My friends say I am unusually different but in a good and harmless ways.

I just think and feel that the change starts with us! We have to be the change we want to see.

So I am just trying to be that change. Hope I get some support from you all.

Thanks in advance…

P.S. : ALL THE ARTWORK IS FOR SALE. PRINTS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE. Please feel free to contact me on mantry_neha@yahoo.co.in or on any of the above links.